“School of Paris” by Lydia Harambourg

François Baron-Renouard chose to deal with a language of his time, in osmosis with authenticity of formal and poetic approach which finds equivalences between reality and imagination. Art is an invention like nature has been by the most Demiourgon geometers. Like many modem painters since the revolution operated by cubism, Baron-Renouard re-invented the nature by resorting to colours and forms convergence. Thus, he brings life to his canvas through tactile space and the light he creates. Construction and coloured irradiation are the two poles on which Baron-Renouard’s work is built up. His deepened sense in plastic art fullness, he had learnt from his masters Legueult and Brianchon from the group Poetic Reality, from Desnoyer as well about space density, from a synthesis of geometrical rations and diversity of sensorial values. But beyond a pictorial heritage he masters, he knows he will reach his goal, only by representing reality as «True» as it can be.

For Baron-Renouard, everything goes on through his own experiences and progress of thoughts in a particular relation with Nature. From Bretagne to Japan, where he had been often since 1960, the hugeness of space is shown on his canvas. This is not meant to imitate, at any moment, but to invoke.

The cosmic vision of Baron-Renouard is only used for mutual exaltation of forms and colours aiming at regenerating. His painting is naturalism kind which formal language comes from his poetic feeling about Nature.

Lydia Harambourg
Historian-Art Critic, January 1999
Author of «L’Ecole de Paris 1945-1965»
Painters dictionary, 1993