Impressionism of non figurative painting by Eugene Ionesco, writer


Baron-Renouard invites us to a stroll in the immediate spheres. When looking at his paintings we have the feeling of a soaring, a journey in the reality of a make-believe. Real as a matter of fact as the imaginary is a spiritual truth, realisms being only fiddled and tendentious documents. Baron-Renouard’pilot eye has not been without influencing the glance of the painter.

Therefore, we may say that Baron-Renouard is a realist of space, yet, his large and luminous patches are very precise and constructed and constructed are his paintings. They are «Cezannian» architectures above and beyond the Earth. With Baron-Renouard, it seems to me it is already beyond the human, a sensibility colouristically diversified such as the last traces of our feelings, our spirits.

Eugene Ionesco, Writer