Milan Milanov, Former Ambassador of Bulgaria in France

The path parameters of the existence and the work of Baron-Renouard meet each other and separate from each other, move away from each other and come back together in order to bring life to a painting of one life, devoted to art and to people who create it or admire it.

We, Bulgarians, have our own reasons to respect and to have warm feelings for the outstanding French artist. Respect for his work, representing a significant range of plastic arts. Warm feelings for the friendship he had been showing us and for his particular bent for Bulgaria and his contribution to european and worldwide civilization. One must understand that for Baron-Renouard, art sense and vocation go together with international cultural action, the act of creating is intimately linked to the act of sharing, as the conciousness of the «eternal» transcends the ephemeral presence of what is temporal.

Milan Milanov
Former Ambassador of Bulgaria in France